Our conference proceedings volume will be the third or fourth book published by Gracchi Books, the associated (but autonomous) print & book publisher of Networks & Neighbours. Gracchi is a formal imprint of Punctum Books (the imprint site is here). As an imprint of Punctum, Gracchi is a registered non-profit (US: 501c3; UK: charity) and public benefit corp, with all the registrations and associations of Humanities OA of Punctum. Consistent with Networks & Neighbours, Gracchi Books is also entirely no-fees OA, and authors maintain equal rights to their work. 

Gracchi’s first book, Urban Interactions: Communication and Competition in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, is now in press! The second book, Vera lex Historiae? Historical Truth and the Emergence of the Event in Late Antiquity and the Earlier Middle Ages, will go into press in the Autumn.

More information on Gracchi’s inaugural five books can be found on the website here