Montecassino, Archivio dell’ Abbazia MS 753

Isidore of Seville, Sententiae


‘proto-beneventan’ script on p. 89

Folios and size:

Date: s. viiimed

Origin: Montecassino

Provenance: Montecassino

Scribe/Script: Apparently one scribe throughout in ‘proto-beneventan’ script (Marco Palma). According to Dell’Omo, the script is closely related to the handwriting in London, BL Add. 43460, which originates from eighth-century Nonantola and contains works from Commodianus and Jerome. Marco Palma, in fact, suggests that these manuscripts were taken back to Nonantola by abbot Anselm (ob. 803) following his exile at Montecassino.


  • p. 1-191 Isidorus, Sententiae (defective); inc. (Sententiae I.22): ‘…phetae esaias dicit ad bra[..] tionem ad[…] super uniuersam terram’, expl. [before erasure] (Sententiae III.64); ‘…miserae uocabulum sortita […]’

Quire structure: Ipaper, 26 (wants 2), 3-58, 68 (wants 1), 7-108, 118 (wants 1), 128, 138 (wants 8)